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Clar8ty does not sell products for purchase by children but does sell children's products for purchase by adults. Although this site is not an adult website as such, the brain stimulation and training products featured here, as well as discussions and related information, are not for use by minors under 18, who may use www.Clar8ty.com only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

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4. As the Buyer I assume all responsibilities for myself and other parties who may have direct or indirect access to these products

The buyer of QSPA assumes all risks in using QSPA, waiving any claims against Clar8ty or any of its affiliates for any and all mental or physical injuries. The buyer/user also agrees to assume all liabilities when other persons have access to QSPA or if ordering for another. In no case will Clar8ty be liable for chance, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly resulting from use, misuse or defects of its audio, instructions or documentation.

5. I do not have the following Contraindications

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Those who should consult a physician before the use of this product include:

If you are aware of any health challenges it is always recommended to first check with a medical professional before using our products. It is recommended that Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of QSPA audio sessions, as they are more susceptible to seizures. Although no negative findings have been reported, pregnant women should first consult with a Medical Professional before use.

7. I agree to listen as instructed

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8. Limitations on use

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9. Return Policy

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction is important to us. The QSPA product is delivered to you via the internet immediately after purchasing and comes with a 3-day return policy. You can cancel your QSPA purchase within 3 days of the purchase date by contacting the customer service department at email cs@clar8ty.com or call 949-328-7855.